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Yearly, approximately 14 Billion Pounds of garbage is dumped into the ocean. Plastic is the major constituent. The pollution kills more than 1 Million seabirds and 100 Million Mammals per year.

Rinkesh Kukreja, Conserve Energy Future Founder | Recipient of the Above Green: Top 50 Eco-Conscious BLOG 2017 Awards & Green Match: Best Green Energy Website 2017

The United States is one of the Top 5 leading trash generators in the world. Producing about 228 Million tons of waste in 2006, a figure that climbed to 254 tons by 2013.

Ann M. Simmons, Reporter at Los Angeles Times (2016)

Each year, Nations generate 1.3 Billion tons of waste.

That’s expected to soar to 4 Billion tons by 2100.

Pounds of garbage is dumped into the ocean yearly
254 tons of TRASH from the US in 2013
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